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History of St. Mary's Church and Outreach


St. Mary’s Episcopal Sunday School started in Springfield in the home of Ann Parkinson on the corner of 4th and Hubbard.

Afternoon worship services held once a month by Rev. V. W. Shields from St. John’s Cathedral.

Established as a mission.

Claudia L’Engle, member of St. John’s, played the organ for the Sunday School – she named St. Mary’s.

Mission moved to Norton family home briefly and then to another Parkinson house on Hubbard which became St. Mary’s Chapel – price $360.00, paid over 4 years.


Lot purchased on Hubbard Street and regular services held.


Charlotte Parkinson Holland and Mrs. John Arnold, members of St. John’s, organized Junior Auxiliary for boys and girls with regular Sunday School attendance.


Hubbard St. site sold – property on 9th and Laura purchased – temporary building built from mission funds – built on rear lot, facing 9th St. –took one week to build.


Women’s Guild organized – 40 members enrolled.


Congregation recognized as a mission under sponsorship of St. John’s Church. Rev. George Hendree Harrison named first rector. Choir Guild, Brotherhood of St. Andrew, Women’s Auxiliary and Baby Branch, Daughters of the King, and Girls Friendly Society formed.


Present church building erected – plans obtained with an estimate of $2000.00 – total cost to build was $2745.00. 120 members.


St. Mary’s became a regular parish.


Treasurer reported balance of 17 cents – vestrymen visited parishioners with the result of more than $1000.00 in Easter offerings.

Rector from 1914 to 1920 was Rev. William Wylie


Rev. Charles W, Frazier was rector from Dec. 15, 1920 until Jan 1931 – he died while attending the Diocesan Convention.


Rev. John Olchan was rector from 1931 until he resigned in Jan. of 1941


Rev. Raymond McBlain was rector from Sept. 1942 until Sept. 1945


Rev. Frank P. Dearing was rector from Dec. 1945 until August 1964.


St. Mary’s started Holy Cross mission on 64th and Tallulah Ave. – this mission took about 100 people from St. Mary’s.


Sunday School rooms, St. George’s Chapel, and meeting rooms built on corner of property.


Father Judson Townes Mayfield became rector Nov. 15, 1964. Served until July of 1969


June – Fr. Jud arrested twice marching during the Chicago Freedom Movement.

July – Fr. Jud attempted to have church used as an anti-poverty headquarters. Two vestry members resigned, and other church members withdrew financial support. Fr. Jud wanted $30,000 federal funds to start a Head Start type kindergarten and a free cafeteria. He wanted Springfield termed a poverty area, which made many residents mad.


April – St. Mary’s reverted from parish to mission status. Episcopal Child Care Center opened in St. George’s Chapel.


Sept. Rev. Charles Carter, III was Vicar until Dec. 31, 1974. The church building had been closed for several years because it needed repairs – plans were being made to demolish the building when Rev. Carter came – he had the building renovated instead – architects Freedman. Clements, and Rumpel, Inc. won an award for the work.


First service in the restored church held in Dec.


Festival Choral Eucharist held to celebrate renovation and reopening of St. Mary’s.


Rev. Robert C. Clingman was rector from Jan. 1 to Oct. 31. Rev. Matthes Weller served from Nov. 1 until Feb. 29, 1976.


From March until June of 1979 various priests were assigned and supplied to St. Mary’s.

1982 to Present

Sue Carmichael became Lay Vicar of St. Mary’s Church and Director of the Outreach.


The congregation once again began using St. George’s Chapel on the corner of 9th and N. Laura as their parish hall.

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