V New Program  V Community Sort, Eat, & Play Day Every Monday from 9:00am until........      Sort donated clothing      Eat lunch together      Competitive Jigsaw Puzzling      (suitable for amateurs and pros)  V Check out info about the V Youth Group on the Program page 
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3243 Jacksonville, FL 32206 Fax: (904) 359-5477 Street Address: 1924 N. Laura St. Jacksonville, FL 32206 Phone: (904) 354-5075 Email: St_Mary@bellsouth.net     St. Mary’s - Jacksonville St. Mary's is an outreach mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Florida.  We strive to be the  face, heart and hands of Jesus Christ to all who come through our doors.  We welcome the mentally ill, the struggling addict, high-risk youth and the urban poor, and everyone else Volunteer Your Time in Ministry and Outreach                 St. Mary’s Weekly Schedule   Sunday               10:30am - Worship Service                           3 til 5pm - Youth Group   Monday      Food, clothing, furniture as needed                               9 til....... - Community Sort, Eat & Play Group   Tuesday               Food and clothing distributed   Wednesday          10:30am - Praise music, Lifeskills                       in the Word Bible Study,                       Lunch,    BINGO or Health Awareness Program    Food and clothing as needed            Thursday            11:00am til 1:00pm Birdhouse Program                            Friday                Outreach closed                                                                                        Laundry facilities open Monday through Thursday  from 9:00am til 2:30pm               Joyfully feeding the                   hungry, welcoming the stranger.                           giving drink to the thirsty,                                    clothing the naked,                                    visiting the sick and                                    the imprisoned,                              teaching people to fish.